Britain’s Dharmic Communities and the General Election 2015

The General Election of 7 May 2015 (GE2015) marks a remarkable shift in British politics in terms of the organisation, political awareness, public demands, and voting patterns of the Dharmic communities. This report outlines these shifts, examines the possible reasons thereof, and provides further reflection on the issues that will remain salient to the British Dharmic voter for the future. For the purposes of this briefing the Dharmic voter is a person who follows any of the Indian traditions. While there is some research and analysis of how Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups or Asians in general tend to vote, there is little available research on how the Dharmic communities have tended to vote or act during elections. This report is therefore the first to tackle this specific domain. Follow this link to download and read the full report in two column format here:

Dharmic Ideas GE2015 report

Download and read the full report in single column format here:

Dharmic Ideas GE2015 v2